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For our 2013 spring campout we joined the Far East council and spent the week at Torii Station Okinawa

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2012 Spring Court of Honor

We are very proud of all our scouts!

Today we concluded this years activities with our spring court of honor. Many of our boys were promoted to tenderfoot or first class. We also had one boy complete all the requirements for his Eagle. Many of the boys also received received various merit badges.

Of course when it came time to take photos there was some debate as to what type of photo to take. The debate was never fully resolved so we've put both pictures up on the site.

Fall Court of Honor

Instead of camping in December we conducted a merit badge college and had our fall court of honor. The boys had fun working on Environmental Science, Orienteering and Fingerprinting. We'll be completing the merit badges at upcoming troop meetings and campouts. The court of honor was a huge success. Mr Poppell did an excellent job as our master of ceremonies. Everyone earned managed to earn an award. We had 8 boys earn their tenderfoot and one new Life scout! A hearty congratulations to all our scouts! Of course boys will be boys and there was a desire to take two pictures, one serious and one not so serious. There was difficulty deciding which one to post so you get to see em both!

Congratulations to Craig Hucker!

Congratulations from Troop 12 to Craig Hucker on his great achievement, earning the rank of Eagle scout in Shanghai. He is truly an example for the rest of our Shanghai Scouts! Craig started in Troop 12 in Pu Xi and was a founding scout of Troop 969 in Pu Dong and earned the top rank as Troop 88's first Eagle scout. Thank you for your service to the movement and your leadership and that of your parents, Eleanor and Scott, who have touched all of Shanghai scouting. (the picture shows Craig attending his first Bike/Hike!)

October campout!

This weekend (Oct 21-23) we will be going on our annual bike/hike. We'll be meeting @ 7pm at the Windsor Place clubhouse and then heading to the campsite. We are asking each scout to bring a tent, sleeping bag, clothing & bicycle. The boys have planned a menu and the troop will supply the necessary cooking gear. Remember that all camping trips are "unplugged" so no electronics. Remember that all our campouts are rain or shine and the scout motto is "be prepared" (if you have some raingear its always a good idea to have it readily available)

Anyone that has some instruments they'd like to play by the campfire are encouraged to bring them!

Weekly meeting

Our next meeting is scheduled to take place at the Windsor Place on Wednesday October 19th @ 7pm. The clubhouse is not available so we will meet at house #32 this week (just go straight down the entrance road, on left side a little more than a block down). Our next campout is scheduled for the weekend of October 21-23rd (2 nights). This campout is the annual Richard Horak Bike & Hike. We encourage family members to attend. We've also arranged for a tailor to attend the meeting so that we can get the boys measurements and order uniforms. Hope to see everyone there.

Another great year of scouting begins!

26-28 September 2011. Troop 12 traveled to Nan Chang Tu Beach - Gou Qi Shan - Mermaid Island. The boys had an aweseome time riding the ferry and camping on the island. It was a great start to the scouting year. Welcome back!

What an awesome trip!

16 - 19 April 2010 Troop 12 traveled to Erlian on the Mongolian Border to visit the The Iren Dabasu Formation and the Iren Nor dinosaur site, which holds the largest intact fossilized dinosaur found to date. Camping in the Grasslands sounded like so much fun; we had rain, high winds, sleet, dust storms and sub zero weather - all within 48 hours. Fortunately there was plenty of dry sheep dung to stoke the fire with. A very long trek and well worth it. We experienced very old buddhist temples, mogolian hospitality, horseriding in the plateau and a unique hike through some of the largest modern wind farms in China.
If you are interested in serving as a volunteer please contact us at Troop 12's Rain, Hail or Shine credo means we never miss a chance for camping, fellowship and a good camp fire.
Review your handbooks for signatures needed, we have covered a lot of activities over the past few weeks and you need to be recognized for your accomplishments.
Please bring Registration forms and make sure to choose the right one, whether you are a new scout, boy scout or an adult leader and return it to a Scout Leader...
Please bring Medical Forms (only parts A & B) and return to a Scout Leader...
Update your activities and ahievements on Scout Track and mark it down in your handbook too! If you are not registered contact us at